MicroRSS MicroRSS - MicroRSS is an unofficial Tiny Tiny RSS client. It allows you to easily and quickly access all your feeds right from the dock. [more]

Network Calc HD Network Calc - iPad version of Network Calc. Its main features are: Network calculator, VLSM calculator and Wildcard mask converter. [more]

HTTPTester HTTPTester is a tool that can be very helpful when testing REST services or websites. It allows to send HTTP request with full controll over headers, post parameters and cookies. [more]

Unlink Unlink allows for an easy and quick file rename and delete. Mass rename photos or any other files you like. Want to delete or rename other files? Unlink provides an easy way to create your own custom filters. [more]

Filemon JS Filemon JS - JS Filemon is an Open Source (GPL v3 and LGPL v3) file manager writen in JavaScript. Use it to provide flexible and intuitive file managment interface in your web application. [more]

Network Calc Network Calc - A handy tool for every network administrator. Its main features are: Network calculator, VLSM calculator and Wildcard mask converter. [more]

CMS4Media CMS4Media - Content management system that allows for easy and fast way to create a web site that contains video, photos, music and flash games. (only polish language supported) [more]

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Tworzenie arkuszy kalkulacyjnych w PHP
Tworząc strony WWW oraz aplikacje webowe, często zachodzi potrzeba wyeksportowania części danych do jakiegoś formatu, który umożliwi ... [more]

JavaScript - Dziedziczenie
Dziedziczenie klas jest niezwykle istotnym elementem każdego języka programowania. Ponieważ jednak mechanizmy obiektowe JavaScript różn... [more]

JavaScript - Closure
Kolejnym z bardzo ciekawych mechanizmów języka JavaScript, jest mechanizm Closure. Szczerze mówiąc nie znam polskiego odpowiednika nazwy... [more]

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